Here's the first legendary album.
So many copies sale around the world that we can remember how many exactly.
If it sound a little bit "fresh and naive" musicaly, the lyrics were already there.
Songs about Punks and Skins, against violence
and against stupidity of the human kind in general.


We just play... SKA !
We just want... SKA !
We're in for... SKA !

Up in the morning for a full day work STRANGER !!
Up once again, my life's run by a clock STRANGER !!
Nothing funny in nine to five for me STRANGER !!
Nothing in it can make me feel happy STRANGER !!
Why should I go to a place I don't really belong ?
They just got me by the money they give me twelve months
My only dream is to have gigs and girls every day
But buying my body, they're breaking my soul day after day
A stranger living among the sheeps Looking tired, feeling old
Why am I obliged to wake up early ? STRANGER !!
My real life is not where they want it to be STRANGER !!
Eight hour job, just add 4 to get there STRANGER !!
And when I come back only my bed can care STRANGER !!
In this rat race I feel like a strange STRANGER !!

If you feel blue and worried tonight
Listen to Ska, the music that is bright
If you feel depressed when you're stuck at home
Come and see us, then you won't be alone SKARFACE
We play fun, Skarface is our name
Listen to us and it won't be the same
From now on, you've got a family
Skarface music and you will be happy
Si t'es stressé, qu't'as des problcmes ce soir
Ecoute du Ska, y a pas mieux pour l'espoir
Si tu déprimes coincé entre quatre murs
Viens donc nous voir y a pas d'moyens plus surs
On joue du Ska et Skarface est notre nom
Ecoute-nous jouer tu verras c'est canon
Et dcs maintenant bienvenue dans la famille
Et s'amuser tu verras c'est facile

When I was a kid during the summer
My parents used to send me to a holiday place
Springfield that was the name
A very charming and quiet town in Kent
And so it was until...
The scoots were coming down town !
Year after year, it was the bloody same
The scooterists would become insane
Shouting, singing and drinking much
You should have seen the people grin, when they passed by
That was... the big run. It took place in my town
Now it's my turn to join in the run
And every time it's a real big fun
We are so many on the camping site
That we all think we are the modern knights
We're strong and united ! When we go for a ride !
The scooters are back in town !
The scooters are back in town !
The scooters are back in town !
The scooters...
Join them and have some fun !

Tout le monde ne peut pas danser la Polka
Certains ne savent pas danser le Tcha-Tcha
Mais tout le monde peut danser le Ska
Regarde-nous tu apprendras !
Le petit Jack n'danse pas le Tango
Et moi je n'ai pas les pas du Mambo
Mais vous pouvez tous danser le Ska
Y a pas plus simple, ni plus sympa !
Balance tes bras !
Bouge tes hanches !
Baisse ton corps !
HEY ! Essaie encore !
Aucun de nous ne sait twister
Personne je pense ne sais plus jerker
Mais on adore oui danser le Ska
Et le ridicule ne tue pas !

He was out for a party
He was out for the night
Where he can meet a girl
Cause his girlfriend had told him
She shan't go there tonight
He was out for the disco
Where everybody goes
Especially nice girls He was out for a party
The night's gonna be bright!
Freddy goes, Freddy goes...
Freddy goes, Freddy goes...
Freddy goes, Freddy goes...
Freddy goes, Freddy goes... Out tonight !
He arrived at the dance hall
He was dressed very smart
He really looked all right
Pay the price and then go straight
Have a drink at the bar
But that was not a bright night
Cause he spot in the light
This bloody girl had lied
His girlfriend on the dance floor
Kissing another guy !

You can't avoid it today
And everywhere you go
You'll find it on your way
Violence is all around
It's ain't sure on the streets
As soon as you're on your feet
And you go out by night
You know it's for a fight
Can't dress the way you want
They'll say that you're a wank'
But it's just an excuse To justify abuse
Everything's good for them
Violence is their big fun I start to be fed up
To be the one looked up
VIOLENCE It's ain't sure on the streets
VIOLENCE Fed up of this shit
VIOLENCE It's time to have justice

Rudy was lying on the beach
Miles away from the grey
Underneath the mongo trees
Troubles were far away
This was a wonderful night for a reggae
It was a shame that no bands were playing today
Didn't feel like working today
Best enjoying the sun
Took his car and call it a day
Resting was bigger fun
It's a dream says the alarm clock
Must get up and move on
It's seven and it's time to work
It's Brixton not Kingston

Dans tous les concerts, dans toutes les galcres,
La ou on peut t'voir, tu n'es lr qu'pour la bagarre
Tu auras beau faire pour nous provoquer
Jamais non jamais tu n'arriveras r gagner !
Car meme si t'es trcs fort, que t'es trcs musclé,
Jamais de nos joies tu ne pourras triompher !
Nous sommes des Rude Boys et nous on t'emmerde
Et meme si tu nous les casse, dis-toi bien qu'tu n'es qu'une merde !
Joue pas les chauds !
Rien a foutre d'un salaud
Joue pas les chauds !
Pour nous tu n'es qu'un charlot !
Nous on n'veut qu'une chose et c'est s'amuser,
Mais pour tout gâcher y a souvent un excité
Pourquoi n'peux-tu pas agir moins connement
Et de temps en temps foutre un peu la paix aux gens ?!
Nous les mecs comme toi, on n'les craint meme pas
De tous embrouilleurs on est tellement superieurs
A nous rentrer dedans, tu ne fais que perdre ton temps
Quand tu es vainqueur, ne pense pas que t'es le meilleur !

You said you really love me
But how could it really be
You want what is best for me
In fact you're my ennemy !
io o You want me so
io o I just say no
io o Just let me go
io o I hate you so
You, political party
You're not what really suits me
You take me then you leave me
You're wasting your time with me
You say that you're the right choice
I know you just want my voice
Do you think I want to agree
With what you're planning for me ?

Toi tu vis dans la débrouille
Prostitution et puis magouille
Et ça marche, pour toi tout roule
Meme si maintenant t'es plus trcs cool
C'est marrant, c'est meme genant
Pense un peu r tous ces reves quand tu étais enfant
Lorsque tu voulais etre pompier
Aujourd'hui c'est toi qui fout l'feu au quartier
Oui pour moi t'as trop changé
T'as tout raté, t'as tout gâché
C'est dommage d'etre un fumier
Qui vend d'la came aux écoliers
T'étais sain, t'es un vaurien
Un mec bien, maintenant tu crains !
Ton grand sport c'est la dépouille
Ton grand plaisir foutre la trouille
Meme tes potes n'ont pas confiance
Car bien sur vous etes des balances
Tu violes, tu voles
Dcs qu'vous etes en bande vous faites les mariols
Saccages, menaces et pillages
Et tu es la honte de tout le voisinage
Je n'veux plus etre avec toi
Ne m'suis pas, range ton surin !
Je n'veux plus de toi chez moi !
Ne m'parle pas, ôte toi d'mon chemin !

This story's about a guy whose name was Bob,
And was supposed to be my friend
Born in the same town, we went to school together,
For all these years he was my friend
But suddenly something happened,
That made me change my point of view
Something he did, something nasty,
Something he could have done to you !
Susy is gone now, she left away with my best friend
Betrayed don't know how, don't want to mess with them again
Without respect, he took what I love most, he took my one and only pearl
Without thinking of just what I can feel, he fools me for my own girlfriend
What should I do, how can I do, was I the one who was to blame ?
The honesty is what I fight for, but now could it really be the same ?
This story's about two blokes I knew,
Who were supposed to be my friends
Born in the same town, we went to school together,
For all these years they were my friends
But suddenly something happened,
That made me change my point of view
Something they did, something nasty,
Something they could have done to you !

I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour,
That's where my love use to troubling down
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour,
When there's no one else around.
I'm gonna take you girl and hold you,
And do the things I told you ! In the midnight hour...
I'm gonna wait till the stars come out
To put that trigger in your arms
I'm gonna wait till the midnight hour
That's where my love begin to shine
You're the only girl I know
And I really love you so !

Les Mods et leurs scooters chromés - BRIGHTON
Les Skins et leurs docs bien cirées - OI ! OI !
Les Punks et leurs spikes savonnés - DESTROY
Les Psychos et leurs séries B - N'ROLL
Meme si des fois des cons se glissent parmi eux
Des gens sans saveur, des gars trop sérieux
L'immense majorité sont des gens joyeux
Ne pensant qu'r profiter avant d'etre vieux !
Tous ces bons mouvements nous viennent d'Angleterre
Tous ont en commun une rcgle de fer
Une tenue stricte, une façon de faire
Plus seul désormais : tu penseras comme tes frcres ! Allez !
Mods, Skinheads, Punks, Psychos, Teddy boys, Rastaman, Pirates,
Cats, Suedehead, HardMods, Herberts, Bikers, Rude boys...

Rude girl ! Rude girl ! Oh oui ! Oh ouiiiii ! Rude girl !
Ah ! ah ! ah ! ah ! aah ! aaaah ! Ah ! ah ! ah ! ah ! waaaah !
Rude girl ! Oh oui ! Encore ! aah ! Ho ! ah ! - anaha - ah ! wouaaais ! Rude girl !
Oh oui ! continue, c'est trop bon ! Oh oui, viens ! - Oh ouiiii ! - Rude girl !
Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Aah aaaah ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! yaaaah ! Rude girl !
Et je sens que ça monte ! - Oh ouiii ! - Rude girl ! Et ça monte encore ! Aaaah ! Rude girl !
(Paroles très fines n'est-ce pas ?)